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Convocation sejm in Warsaw 1587.
Sejm was convened on 24 December 1586 by interrex primate Jan Karnkowski, as a result of interregnum after unexpected death of king Stephen Bathory (12 December 1586). The sejmiks were held in January 1587. The sejm debated from 2 February to 9 March 1587. Stanisław Uchański was elected marshal. During the sejm there was turbulent debate whether to abide the Warsaw Confederation or not. The opposition from the time of king Stephen’s rule gained influence. It was led by the powerful
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The Reformation and the politics. Sejm in Piotrków 1552.
It was convened in October or November 1551 to take place in January 1552. The sessions began on 2 February and ended on 11 April 1552. The pre-sejm sejmiks were held in December 1551. Rafał Leszczyński was elected the marshal. The king’s intent, presented in writs sent from Vilnius, was to continue the execution of laws. The king also emphasised the need to take into consideration the external threats and enacting tax resolutions. The deputies shared various faiths and therefore the
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Sejm in Piotrków 1517.
This sejm was convened on 9 December 1516. The pre-sejm sejmiks were held in January of 1517. Sejm began its sessions on 2 February 1517. The kind was not present, as he resided in Vilnius at that moment. Mostly the defence matters were debated, what was the main subject of the king’s writs. It is not know though, when the sejm ended. Most probably, in half of March, as on 29 March 1517 the conscription universal was already known, and it was adopted during this sejm’s
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