The Sejm Following Armistice during the War with the Teutonic Order. The Sejm in Piotrków. 1521-1522.

The Sejm was convoked in September, Sejmiks (provincial assemblies included) held in October 1521 in Koło (for Polonia Maior), Nowe Miasto Korczyn (for Polonia Minor), and Kamieniec (for Ruthenia Rubra). The Sejm opened on November 4th 1521, to conclude only during the following year – on January 7th 1522. Debates focused chiefly on fiscal issues. Yet in view of the limited mandates of numerous deputies not authorised to resolve on taxation, the matter was vested in post-Sejm Sejmiks. Sejmiks consented to royal conscript proclamations tabled with intent to cover all costs of mobile defence along the Republics south-eastern border while reducing them by one-half.

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