The Sejm after Jerzy Lubomirski’s Rebellion. Ordinary Sejm in Warsaw. 1666.

The Sejm was convoked in late August 1666. Pre-Sejm Sejmiks were held in September 1666. Sessions opened on November 9th 1666. Starost of Liw Marcin Oborski was elected Speaker of the Deputies Chamber. The Sejm was convoked with intent to i.a. confirm the accord in Łęgonice entered into on July 31st 1666 in the wake of a major loss suffered by royal troops in confrontation with rebels led by Marshal Jerzy Lubomirski at Mątwy. The king withdrew from the planned vivente rege elections, guaranteeing amnesty and outstanding pay to rebelling troops. Jerzy Lubomirski left the country upon having apologised to the monarch. The Sejm was to ensure pacification. After turbulent debates rich in provocation, the Sejm was broken by Teodor Łukomski without any constitutive acts resolved. The Sejm concluded on December 23rd 1666.

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