The second extraordinary pacification Sejm in Warsaw. 1736.

The Sejm was convened in April 1736. The pre-sejm Sejmiks (regional assemblies) were held in May and June, and the session was held on 25 June 1736. Wacław Rzewuski, Crown Field Clerk, was elected Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. The Interregnum Act with the Pacta conventa (Lat. agreed accords) were approved, thus recognizing the election of King August III. An amnesty was announced for all participants in the war, except those who used foreign troops' help for private revenge and robbery. The king was authorized to grant the Kurland flax after the extinction of the Kettler family. Treasury and military matters were dealt with, and numerous vacancies were distributed, which strengthened the royal group. The session of the Sejm was concluded on 9 July 1736.

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