The last sejm of the king Sigismund III. The extraordinary sejm in Warsaw. 1632.

It was decided to convene the sejm in January 1632. Pre-sejm sejmiks took place in February 1632 r. The sejm began its session on on 11 March and finished proceedings on 3 April 1632. Marcin Żegocki, District Judge of Wschowa, was elected the marshal of the Chamber of Deputies. During the proceedings the sejm focused on the matters of the Commonwealth’s safety, as on its doorstep the war in Germany was waged, engaging the Swedish king Gustaf II Adolf, with whom the Treaty of Altmakrt was signed in 1629. The king, despite his poor health, actively participated in the debates. He was not successful (the king died few weeks after the sejm was dissolved) to execute the election of his son, Władysław, as the sejm took the firm position to keep the free elections as they were.

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