The Defence-Debating Sejm. General Sejm of Piotrków. 1512.

The Sejm was convoked in August 1512. Pre-Sejm Sejmiks were held in October 1512. In view of the incessant Tatar menace, the king presented a general project of organising the state’s defence during the debate, his proposal spanning all voivodships and lands of the kingdom, duly divided into five parts. The plan provided for noblemen of individual regions to pay annual dues in turn for purposes of securing professional conscripts in Ruthenia, and maintaining emergency troops manned by the nobles of Ruthenia charged with the task of assisting royal military crews. Permanent military troops financed by funds provided by the royal exchequer, the clergy, and the cities were to be maintained as well. The project never saw daylight – the deputies of Polonia Maior objected. The Sejm concluded on December 19th 1512.

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