Sejm with an Easter break. The general sejm in Warsaw. 1638.

This sejm was convened in December 1637. The pre-sejm sejmiks were held in January 1638. Sejm debated between 10 March and 1 May 1638, suspending the proceedings because of the Easer, falling for 4-5 April that year. Łukasz Opaliński was elected the marshal of the Chamber of Deputies. A major argument arose because of the king’s initiative to establish a Decoration of “Knighthood of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. Awarding the decoration, allowing to distinct an individual, was regarded as the violation of the principle of the equality among the nobility. The other issue that was raised, concerned improper functioning of the institution of the resident senators, stipulated in the Henrician Articles (1573).

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