Jerzy Ossoliński as the sejm marshal. Warsaw 1631.

This sejm was convened on 10 August 1630 by the king Sigismund III Vasa to take place on 16 October 1630 in Warsaw. It was postponed to 10 January 1631 and then postponed again on 14 December to take place on 29 January 1631. The pre-sejm sejmiks were held in September 1630.Jerzy Ossoliński, Crown Steward, was elected the marshal. During the sejm the deputies opposed the king Sigismund’s plans to elect the king’s son, Władysław, in form of vivente rege (election of the next king while the old one was still alive). On the other hand, appointing king’s son John Albert as the bishop of Warmia, was finally accepted. The other strongly objected matter was the initiative of queen Constance, purchasing indebted property in Żywiec, which was supposed to become the the royal demesne. Conscription resolution was adopted. The sejm finished proceedings on 12 March 1631.

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