In the Wake of Poland Losing Access to the Baltic Sea. Extraordinary Sejm in Toruń. 1626.

The Sejm was convoked in August, Sejmiks held in September 1626. Sejm debates commenced on November 10th 1626. Iudex terrestris of Wschowa Marcin Żegocki was elected Speaker of the Deputies Chamber. The Sejm was convoked with intent to decide as to the defence of the Republic in conjunction with Swedish troops’ attacks on the Prussian coast, which carried a threat of cutting the country off her sea access. The Turkish, Transylvanian, and Tatar menace was highlighted as well. A conscript proclamation was passed. A commission was formed to the purposes of drafting a project to reform the treasury system of the Republic, said draft to be submitted to Sejmiks. The Sejm concluded on December 3rd 1626.

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