In the light of royal plans for war on Turkey. The Ordinary Sejm in Warsaw. 1646 r.

The Sejm was convened at the end of July, and the sejmiks were held throughout September 1646. The session of the Sejm began on October 25, 1646. The Marshal of the Chamber of Deputies was Jan Mikołaj Stankiewicz, ducal estate tax collector and writer (Tivunus) from Samogitia. The Sejm demanded that the king should stop the preparations for war and send envoys to Turkey instead, while also bringing the Cossacks under control. The king eventually consented. Following the protests lodged by Lithuanian deputies, the Sejm dealt with the issue of the city of Trubetsk located in Belarus (Rus) but ceded to Moscow as part of the straightening out of the state borders. The proceedings ended on December 7, 1646.

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