General Council of Warsaw, 1710. Confirmation: Kingdom of Poland gives up the Central and East Ukraine

The Council was called on 8 November 1709 by the king Augustus II. The sejmiks were held in January 1710. The elected marshal was Stanisław Ernest Denhoff, Lithuanian Field Hetman and marshal of the Sandomierz Confederation (1704). General Council of Warsaw acted as a substitute to general sejm. During the sessions the formal reign of king Augustus II was re-established, regarding his abdication in the Treaty of Altranstädt (1706) as forced. And amnesty for supporters of king Stanisław Leszczyński was adopted, under the condition that they acknowledge Augustus II as the legitimate ruler. The number of the army was voted to amount 40000 soldiers. The Treaty of Perpetual Peace, signed by Krzysztof Grzymułtowski (1 May 1686), was ratified, in which the Commonwealth ceded the Left-bank Ukraine to Russia, including Kiev, Smoleńsk, Drohobuż, Chernihiv and Starodub. The Council also ratified another treaty, the Treaty of Narva (30 August 1704), signed in Narva by the tsar Peter the Great and Tomasz Działyński, voivode of Chełm, in which the Commonwealth entered the war against Sweden as the part of the anti-Swedish alliance, in exchange for handing over the Livonia territory to Poland and granting the Russians the right to wage war against the Swedes on the territory of the Commonwealth.

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