Coronation sejm of king John II Casimir Cracow, 1649.

This sejm was convened on 6 December 1648. The pre-sejm sejmiks were held from the end of November 1648 till the beginning of January 1649. The sejm sessions began on 19 January 1649, after a coronation of John II Casimir, that took place two days before (17 January 1649). Franciszek Dubrawski, chamberlain of Przemyśl, was elected the marshal. The proceedings, often quite turbulent and eventful, were held under the shadow of the Cossack rebellion (Khmelnytsky Uprising), especially because of the defeat in the battle of Pyliavtsi (23 September 1648). The problem of vacancy in hetman office was also discussed. The dissidents presented claims against breaching the religious peace. Owing to marshal’s Dubrawski skilled conduct of the proceedings, they were prolonged, what enabled launching sessions on urgent military matters: supreme command, general levy and individual voivodships pledges for regular army. The sejm finished proceedings on 14 February 1649.

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