A sejm that simply dissolved. Sejm in Piotrków 1555.

The sejm was convened by the king Sigismund I the Old, to take place in spring 1555 in Piotrków. The pre-sejm sejmiks were held at the beginning of 1555. Sejm proceedings lasted from 22 April to 15 June 1555. The proceedings were dedicated to internal affairs: reformation and execution of laws, which especially preoccupied people of those days. A proposition was raised to convene a national council and to declare religions freedom. The deputies’ postulates of far-reaching execution of laws and of properties met the resistance of the king Sigismund II Augustus, who, when it came to this matter, followed the senate’s judgement, which opposed the idea. Therefore the king came into conflict with the Chamber of Deputies. Because of the internal conflicts, the sejm did not take up the matters, the king cared about, that is Lithuania being threatened by the Muscovy. Sejm was dissolved in an atmosphere of mutual antipathy, the king was especially unpleased, not even adopting universals or resolutions, except for some decisions on minor issues.

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